For Couples

How would you feel if your heart was overflowing with passion and love?

There have been such tremendous  results stemming from the Creating Space for Love workshop that I've decided to bring this transformative healing home to couples.

Most people who attend the Creating Space for Love workshop are single, divorced or widowed and they come to heal their hearts and prepare for love.  

But something told me that there were many couples out there who could use this healing so I've decided to launch specialized couple sessions for people who are currently coupled, married or in partnerships and wish to delve deeper into love than ever before.  

Your relationship doesn't have to be in crisis for you to benefit.  However, if it is, this may be for you!

Perhaps you feel yourself going through life, wondering if daily tasks have replaced the magic.
Do you wonder if your love is simply skimming the surface of its REAL potential? 
Have you and your partner fallen into roles that you learned in your early family life?
Have you have been hurt by disappointments, betrayal or loss of intimacy and wish to heal?  

Perhaps you know that there is something a little off but don't know how to get close to your partner again.

Do you remember how wonderful it felt when you were first falling in love?
When seeing your partner made your heart expand and you had to catch your breath because you felt such overwhelming emotions.  You probably felt the rush of excitement over everything new... first kisses, long talks and moments of intimacy that made the rest of the world fade away.  

And then...real life set in.

Marriage.  Kids.  Jobs.  Mortgages.  Demands from life in general.  
What happened to the magic?  Where did it go?

Many people long to re-experience those feelings from the "falling in love" stage of their relationship but there will never be those first feelings of love again.
What there can something even better.  Deeper, richer and more meaningful.... a deepening of those first feelings of falling in love that bring you and your partner to hidden layers within you.

The Creating Space for Love - for Couples is designed to realign your hearts and energy in a way that you may have not ever felt before.  

The effect is even better than the "fleeting firsts" that falling in love brought because the deepening of love brings you to your most authentic self so that you and your partner can truly connect on a soul level.

This is not counseling and it is not available to people who are bullied into attending by their partners.

The Creating Space for Love for Couples has been designed for couples who really want to stay together and be closer than ever before.  This is for couples who want to move past any wounds or resentments that they have been troubled with.  It is for couples who want to clear old relationship influences through a series of healing sessions so that what they bring to the relationship is current, loving and true.

Here is how you will benefit:
Release resentments, betrayal, abandonment, anger and fear by changing beliefs.  
Retrieval of soul fragments and energetic divorce from previous commitments.
Spiritually release oaths and vows that may be binding you to someone in the past.
Find the lessons while releasing the pain that came with past wounds (yes!  Everything has a purpose!)
Reclaim your power where you have given it away so that you have all of yourself to share with another.
Discover why you and your partner have come together in this incarnation and what your unique partnership brings to the world.
You will be given intuitive downloads of new feelings to help you create space in your heart for love and invite passion back into your life.  The new feelings will enable you to be more available for healthy, authentic love and that you can feel worthy and deserving of real love and commitment.  You will be given feelings to help you know what it feels like to be safe while being intimate and knowing how to move beyond any roles that you have taken on in an effort to avoid intimacy.

Creating Space for Love for Couples is Healing and life changing.
It will transform your relationship forever, bringing you closer than you ever thought possible.   

Here is what is included:

 A private house call for the first meeting (see details below)
Each person recieves a personal journal
Phone sessions, sessions on location (for special occations) and in person sessions
Time and travel to locations (when applicable) 
You have a choice for what level of commitment you would like to bring to your relationship growth

4 Session Package Includes:
1 private house call to meet and greet you and your partner and evaluate the energy
in your home and relationship. 
2 personal journals to keep track of your changes and transformations
1 hour per week for 3 consecutive weeks (may be a combination of phone sessions or in-person sessions) 
Valued at over $1,200.00
Special Price offer $999.00

(may be purchased below)

8 Session Package Includes:
1 private house call to meet and greet you and your partner and evaluate the energy
in your home and relationship.
2 personal journals to keep track of your changes and transformations
1 hour per week for 7 consecutive weeks (may be a combination of phone sessions or in-person sessions)
Valued at over $2,400.00
Special Price offer $2,100.00

(may be purchased below)

Private house calls are only available in the Twin Cities metro area and Western Wisconsin at this time.

If you live out of the area, don't worry!  
We can do our meet and greet over skype!  


 "It's That Soul Healing Feeling!" 

Creating Space for Love
~for Couples~

by Diana Palm

Diana Palm (ThetaHealing
® Instructor, Medium and Author) teaches workshops & classes worldwide.  She specializes in ThetaHealing® techniques that help to release deeply seated issues that can create painful patterns in our lives.  This healing process transforms and changes DNA programs carried in the subconscious.
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